The importance of the Greeting Card

The importance of the Greeting Card

I can’t think of anything better then sending a physical card in the mail and watching what it does to light up everyones faces. We can use the mail and a handwritten greeting card to surprise and delight our loved ones and friends.

You are Loved greeting card where the vase is a pair of high top shoesOccasionally someone wants to rain on the parade, and talk about how paper is outdated, with everything moving digital, and all we do is throw the card away.

I guess it’s up to everyone, but a few things we do with cards here at my house is to keep them. Holiday cards are put in with the decorations and as we set up the tree the next year, we read and look at the cards from previous years.

For birthday cards and just to say hello cards, they are kept in memory boxes, where they are occasionally pulled out and re-read, then gently tucked back away.

We think, greeting cards are a greet way to nourish relationships.

We could all do more to move away from text message and email, to send a personalized message, whether it’s a Birthday, graduation, wedding, just a card to say hello.

A few points on why we think Cards are so important.

  1. Emails and texts (especially text messages) can be mis-interpreted
  2. Cards show your willingness to take time for that person
  3. It is personal
  4. It spreads love and kindness
  5. Cards are Tangible
  6. They are truly a Surprise
  7. It can feel like a hug from far away

When we think of someone and we want to reach out to them; a card can provide the words we cannot say, and puts some emotions into a small package in a creative way.

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