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Hello, My name is Tara, Owner and Curator of Lia Fáil Designs. My Business name is a homage to my Irish roots.  Lia Fáil is the standing Stone of Destiny that sits atop the Hill of Tara, a place of legends.
My favourite mediums are watercolour and ink, although I am currently loving more flat vector style illustrations and art. We largely work with a hand-drawn sketches to start and then bring the art into digital format for creating our patterns and our stationary.

We are a small art & office studio in Etobicoke, a suburb just on the edge of the big City of Toronto. I'm a mom to two empowered young teens, living the creative life.

Please feel free to send me a message with any questions or custom order requests you have.
My Journey to Surface Pattern Design & Illustration

I was always a doodler throughout school. Nothing elaborate; there was no Picasso pictures to speak of. Not. A. One. At least that I can remember. I fancied trying all different ways of handwriting, and would write things out over and over in different styles.

Fast-forward through elementary, high school, college and some uni, I became an entrepreneur running my own business and on that journey, I realized that I had a gap in my knowledge and experience, so I abandoned being an entrepreneur. I took a 9-5 job and did that for a number of years. Some of it was good, but I mostly learned that I was more an entrepreneur then an employee.

Then I got married, had my daughters and it was in this stage of my life that I jumped into being an entrepreneur again. I reinvented myself, and learned so many new skills because of how much had changed with technology.

Then the world changed and I homeschooled my girls for 2 and a half years. Once again I started to doodle and practice handwriting and also drawing and learning illustrator and photoshop, and the fire was ignited. I learned about Surface Pattern Design and fell in love.

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Favorite Pattern: Habitat with my Butterfly Garden a close second.



I am interested in collaborating with you! I find the world a wondrous place when you put images, pattern & product together.

I welcome licensing opportunities and commissions so if you are interested in working together, please get in touch via email to hello@shopliafail.com or via the form below.

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